Where are we with AWR?

Whilst the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) have been in effect now since 1st October 2011, many recruitment agencies are still grappling with questions and issues relating to AWR. Having recently attended the AWR Summit (organised by Meridianbs) and the Recruitment Expo at Olympia, not only are there differing views on how a recruitment agency can organise itself with regard to AWR but not everyone is openly sharing their thoughts, their experiences  to give a view on what may or may not work when it comes to compliance with AWR.  The more recruitment agencies I talk to the more I sense the concern as to whether their decisions with respect to the implementation of AWR across issues related to the Scope of AWR (who it protects), Terms of Business, Business Process and Education are the right decisions for their business both from a compliance and commercial perspective.

Whilst no one can wave a magic wand, it is helpful to have some insight into thoughts  in these areas and how clients are tackling the same issues. The more our industry discusses, debates, and exchanges ideas and thoughts on the AWR, recruitment agencies will be able to see the wood from the trees.  I will be providing some short commentary on the following areas over the coming days.

Scope of AWR

Positioning of Limited Company Contractors (LCC)

Terms of Business

Business Process & Procedure



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